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  • Pediatric OT

    "Ellie had the brilliant idea to create ergonomic and durable food picks that actually pick up a lot of foods. But, she didn’t stop there, what got me the most excited was a mealtime tool I’ve never seen before, but I’ll tell you as a feeding therapist, it is GENIUS… it’s a mini food paintbrush."

    - Alisha G., 18 yrs experience

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  • Special Education Teacher

    My autistic students LOVE them!

    I teach a class of 4-6 year old autistic students in a public school district. Meal times can be tricky as we've got some selective eaters. These are a game changer!! My students absolutely love these, the tiny animals make it fun for them to make animal sounds and "attack" their food. The brush is also perfect for all types of condiments, which can make food more appealing.....

    -Emma W., New York

  • Pediatric OT (D)

    "...These are 100% tools I will be using in therapy sessions...Here's what I love so much about them: The size & shapes makes them really easy for little hands to hold. I like that these are bigger than the typical small toothpicks, so I'm not as worried about little ones swallowing them. The material is super sturdy!... Its super easy for kids to stab the food - vs a typical fork which can be very challenging. ....THEY'RE FUN!...this allows children to interact and play with their food, while learning to eat."

    -Dr. Sam Goldman

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Play is powerful.

Dabbldoo utensils help your child begin to interact with food in a more playful way that naturally leads to the tasting of new foods.

There's a reason why feeding therapists across the world trust Dabbldoo utensils every day to help their clients interact with and try new foods.

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Learn Why They Work...

Our uniquely designed food picks can be used to encourage busy kiddos to get to the table AND can be used to save a mealtime when you sense a struggle coming on.

Read more about how you can use our food picks to get your child to eat better with helpful tips from our own Feeding Expert & Pediatric Dietitian.

Learn from our Dietitian

Kick Picky Eating with "Painting"!

Meet 'Licky', the first of its kind feeding tool that gets kids excited about interacting with sauces, dips, condiments, beverages, and more!

Think of the brush like a mini food paintbrush that can hold the perfect 'taste' amount of new foods, get kids helping out in the kitchen, or create food play opportunities to explore!

From veggies and meats, to smoothies and yogurts, your child will love getting creative and exploring new flavors with our food brush. The possibilities are endless.

There are so many possibilities available, but in case you want more ideas, check out a list of ideas from our Dietitian here!

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Developmental Milestones

Food picks help children practice their fine motor skills, develop their hand-eye coordination and promote mealtime independence. These skills are especially helpful for toddlers learning to feed themselves.

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Dabbldoo was created by a Pediatric Dietitian & Mom of 3.

Trust us, we get it. Feeding kids and dealing with mealtime struggles is hard. We bring expertise, creativity, and practicality to our products to ensure they are effective, easy to use, & irresistibly fun! See what makes us extra special below!


    We third party test our products to ensure they contain NO BPA, Phthalates, or Lead.

  • SAFE

    All of our products are third party tested to meet the highest safety standards. All our products are safe for toddlers ages 2+ and beyond.


    Made with the highest quality materials, our products withstand the tests of time.


    All our products are 100% dishwasher safe.

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