41 Dabbldoo Food Brush Ideas To Help Kids Eat Better

food brush utensils for kids sitting on kitchen counter

Our food brush was created by our Pediatric Dietitian and Founder, Ellie Burbidge.

It acts similar to a basting brush, but has a unique design that makes it the first and original feeding brush food utensil for kids!

It is our most popular product among feeding professionals working with kids to expand their diets and help improve picky eating struggles!

First, let's share some food ideas you can use our food brush with! Then we'll list specific activities you can try with our food brush!

31 Food Ideas:

1. Ketchup

2. Mustard/Honey Mustard

3. Ranch Dressing

4. BBQ Sauce

5. Bread Dipping Oil on Bread

6. Pizza/Marinara Sauce

7. Alfredo Sauce

8. Aioli

9. Softened or Melted Butter

10. Teriyaki sauce

11. Soy Sauce

12. Nutella (warmed if needed)

13. Certain Nut Butters (warmed if needed)

14. Salsa

15. Jam/Jelly or Mashed/Pureed Fruit

16. Yogurt/Drinkable Yogurts

17. Smoothies 

18. ("mini taste" of new beverages) - i.e. new milk flavors, juice, etc.

19. Honey/Cinnamon Butter

20. Vinaigrette based salad dressing

21. Sweet & Sour Sauce

22. Pesto

23. Warm honey

24. Maple Syrup

25. Glazes

26. Peanut Sauce

27. Hummus

28. Pudding 

29. Whipped cream/topping

30. Broths/Soups

31. Applesauce


10 Activities:

Now, here are a few ideas you can have your child do using your food brush!

1. Paint apples, rice cakes, bread, graham crackers with peanut butter or nutella

2. Paint a picture using dips or yogurt

3. Paint your child's lips with applesauce, yogurt, etc.

4. Paint letters or numbers on bread or crackers using sauces or dips

5. Paint alfredo or spaghetti sauce on noodles or bread

6. Paint sauce to make homemade pizzas

7. Paint melted or softened butter on foods like breads, cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, etc.

8. Try a "snake lick" of new beverages. For example, if your child likes chocolate milk you could try small changes to get them comfortable with white milk. You could use the snake brush to stir in less chocolate than normal or maybe try a small dash of a new flavor like strawberry.

9. Paint water on fresh product to help "wash" for mealtime.

10. Paint condiments on pancakes/waffles/crepes 

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