About Dabbldoo

Who we are

We are Howie & Ellie Burbidge. Ellie is a Pediatric Dietitian and Howie loves entrepreneurship and always wanted a business to run. We have two handsome boys who mean everything to us. We also love being business partners. More than anything, Howie and I love spending time together as a family. Our go to activities are evening walks in the summer or snuggling up for family movie nights and popcorn. After the kids are in bed we work together on Dabbldoo and do our best to embrace running our business while raising our children. 

How we got started

Ellie received her Bachelors of Science in Dietetics at Brigham Young University in 2015 and a Masters of Science in 2017. As a Pediatric Dietitian, Ellie has focused on creating healthy mealtimes for kids who struggled with picky eating. 

One of Ellie's go-to tools for helping her clients were food picks. For some children, mealtimes can be overwhelming, stressful and cause anxiety - especially if there is a new food on their plate. Ellie started using food picks as a way to relieve mealtime anxiety by helping children relax, explore and have fun. She also had a drawer full food picks at home that she had been using for our own children but they all had short shelf lives. The cheap plastic would either melt in the dishwasher or grew brittle and brake after light use. Some picks were so small that even small hands couldn't hold onto them easily. Others had pick ends that were so sharp that they posed a significant safety risk. She also noticed that most picks couldn't grip or hold onto wet or slippery foods.

As a Pediatric Dietitian, Ellie was in the unique position to understand kids' needs and how she could create a food pick that could be way (way!) more fun, durable and functional than anything else available. Shortly thereafter, dabbldoo was born!

What we believe

We believe in creating the very highest quality products possible. We spent over a year developing and testing our first food pick to make sure it functioned better than every other pick on the market and we can honestly say that no other food pick can comes close! Our patented designs were carefully formed for little hands. Our unique ringed prong design was refined over months of child testing and is now patent pending. We only use the highest quality materials so that our picks can survive the wildest of mealtimes and the harshest of dishwashers...again...and again. 

We believe in loving and serving those around us. Each of us can have a positive impact in our families and with our loved ones. We certainly have had our own challenges and have been on the receiving end of selfless service many times by both friends and strangers. Serving those around us is our deepest source of joy. 

Why we are different

Our goal is to make the highest quality products in our segment that foster smiles and memories between child and parent. We often wish we could be a fly on the wall and listen to the giggles and laughs during dabbldoo mealtimes. Creating those memories will last a lifetime and if we can help create those moments in our small way, that makes all the difference to us. 

Wishing you many mealtime smiles, 

- Howie and Ellie Burbidge