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Food Brush - Licky

Food Brush - Licky

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Meet our newest feeding tool, and the first of it's kind! Our food brush is a basting-brush-like feeding tool that gets kids in the kitchen! This tool encourages kids to interact and experiment with sauces, condiments, dips, beverages, and more!

It has less sauce output than a normal basting brush achieving the perfect kid-sized or “learning to like it” portion. It functions like a basting brush, but has a fat, rounded handle for easier (and more fun) use!

Our food brush leads to happier mealtimes and fuller bellies! Our utensils were created and tested by our Founder and Pediatric Dietitian in the USA to ensure safety, durability, and irresistible fun! 

We created food tools that parents and kids can love and feel comfortable using.

Snake Brush Includes:

  • 1 Snake Food Brushes
  • Standard White Mailer Box


  • Recommended for ages 2+
  • BPA, Lead, Phthalate Free
  • Third Party Safety Test
  • Created by Pediatric Dietitian, Recommended by OT's, SLP's, and RDN's
  • Made from high quality silicone + strong nylon

Dimensions: approximately 4.5"L x 1" W x 1" D per utensil

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"Food picks [and brush] are great because they’re engaging and help kids start to interact with the food in a playful way." 



Why our food picks & brush work

Irresistibly Fun

You'll notice our design is unique - they almost look like toys! (Psssst....that's actually a good thing!) Kids learn about food best through play.

Our picks encourage play, imagination, and exploration. When you allow them to learn this way, you will see them build confidence, become more comfortable, and learn to enjoy all types of foods.

Comfort is key

For hesitant eaters, traditional utensils (forks/spoons) remind them of eating. This can cause anxiety and increased reluctancy to eat or even come to the table.

Our food picks or brush can be used as playful tools that often helps kids feel more comfortable around foods. Many take the leap and begin interacting with the food without having to touch it.

When they are ready they'll have more willingness to try a taste or bite!

Build Confidence

Sometimes kids will take a leap and try completely new foods, but, it's more often that they need several times of seeing/smelling/touching a new food before they are ready to try it. Professionals call these experiences "food exposures".

Even if your child isn't ready to taste a food yet, our food utensils can help them get closer to becoming confident and comfortable around that food. Our food picks help encourage participation in mealtimes which helps breakdown mental barriers they have associated with new foods.

Easy to Use

Our special blunted tip design adds an extra layer of safety for littles ages 2+.

We didn't stop there! You'll notice our dual prongs and unique ring design allow for increased food grip. This makes young kids more successful in "poking" food without it falling off and prevents frustration.

After months of testing, we are proud to say our picks perform the best on soft, small, and/or wet foods compared to everything else on the market.

Kick Picky Eating with "Painting"!

Meet 'Licky', the first of its kind feeding tool that gets kids excited about interacting with sauces, dips, condiments, beverages, and more!

Think of the brush like a mini food paintbrush that can hold the perfect 'taste' amount of new foods, get kids helping out in the kitchen, or create food play opportunities to explore!

Their are SO many possibilities with our brush and our Dietitian made a list of ideas for you here!

View Brush Ideas!

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tanya Quinlan

I’m so impressed with these food picks. My 3 yo instantly loved them and they are a fun change of pace for snacks/meals. I have wanted food picks for a while but was hesitant because of the material and small size of most picks. These feel great in your hand, I don’t worry about accidental swallowing, and they are easy to clean. These will be my go to gift for toddlers!



Delaney Green
OT Approved!

I can't rave about these little guys enough! The grip, the textures, the novelty, and more! I have used them in multiple OT sessions now for utensil use, picky eating, and oral sensory processing. Definitely a staple in my "tool box".

Clark Burbidge
Grandkids can't wait to eat at our house

We tried out several of the picks as shown and our granddaughters Love them. They can't wait to eat at our house and always want to use the dabbldoos. Every grandparent should have a few of these in their utensil drawer.

Bille Wilkes
Great tool for toddlers

It made mealtime exciting when my wild toddler has gotten bored sitting at the table. He even tries new food and his favorite is the sauce brush.